Charger Spotlight: Spanish Honors Society

“Being a part of a society like Spanish Honors Society is really important for college applications,” Katie Rahn, leader and organizer for the club, says. “There is a bit more of a commitment than there is for a normal club, but that commitment is well worth it!” This week I talked with her about Spanish Honors Society and its benefits.

The club meets in room 225 (in the foreign language hallway)after school at 3:30pm about once a month. “Our first meeting is going to be Wednesday, September 10th,” Rahn says. But not everybody who is in Spanish can attend the Honors Society meetings. “Students can join after their first semester in Spanish 3. The club does require that students show academic excellence in their Spanish class,” Rahn points out. “A student can join Honors Society if they have mostly A’s in Spanish and only one B up through Spanish 3. If they are in Spanish 4 they can have two B’s, since the difficulty level is increased.” Once you have joined SHS, you must also do five hours of community service that is somehow related to Spanish. “I frequently email out ways for students to get these hours done, though,” Rahn reassures.

Though it may seem like there are several requirements to join the club, it is well worth your time. “The purpose of SHS is to foster a lifelong learning of the Spanish language,” Rahn explains. “Students should plan to attend monthly meetings and maintain their high grades in their Spanish class.” It is also a lot of fun! “For Day of the Dead, Spanish Club and SHS get together and decorate sugar skulls.” They also throw a Cinco de Mayo party, which is one that is open to anyone. They serve quesadillas, chips, salsa, listen to Spanish music, make paper flowers and much more. Rahn also says to look out for SHS members who will soon begin selling snacks to raise money for the fiesta.

Now want to join SHS? Rahn explains what the steps are to becoming a member of the club: “Right now just keep your grades up in Spanish class! Spanish 3 teachers will start announcing in January about meetings for new members to join in the second semester so look out for that.”