Charger Spotlight: Student Council

Do you want to be involved and a part of school activities? Participate and exchanging ideas to help improve our school? Do you like to lead others? Most importantly, do you like free donuts every week? Well then you should definitely consider joining student council! It’s a great way communicating with fellow students and socializing. Junior student Nick Finke says, “The best part of being a part of student council is that you get to coordinate school activities with your peers making it surprisingly really fun.”

Some basic information if you are interested in attending the club is that they meet almost every Tuesday morning at 7:30 am to discuss about upcoming events. The major talk about in the club these days are homecoming and spirit week. You get to decide on the themes of the days for spirit week. Some example ones that they have done in the past are decades day and twin day.  For homecoming they’ll talk about who stays to help decorate and to help clean up.

I hope I have informed you the fundamentals for the club. If you do want to join up you can do a series of things like, talk to Ms. Bednar, talk to any of the student council representatives(listed below), or sign up next year during registration. Everyone’s main goal in this club is to have made the school activities fun and memorable and for the students to have enjoyed everything.