Do you buy a yearbook every year? If you do, this article pertains to you. If you don’t, maybe you might want to after you read this article.

First off, yearbook is a class. Not a club, not an activity, but a class. It’s too late to sign up for this year but hey, never too early for next year. That is unless you’re a senior. In order to sign up, you have to put it on your schedule, talk to Lindsay Green, the teacher for the class, and your counselor. Then just fill out an application form.

Something that students should know before joining, is that it is quoted as “A self-motivated class” by Green. She goes on to say that “Deadlines are REAL. Being in this class depends on your ability to set and reach your own deadlines. It’s a business.”

The purpose of the class this year is to help and improve the yearbook. They want this year to be the best yearbook Centennial has ever created.

Some upcoming events for the yearbook are senior portraits. Instead of doing them how they did in the past, which involved senior students coming after school on certain days, this year they will have their pictures taken with their English classes at some point in October.

Abigail Toledo, probably the quietest student in the class, says the best part of being the in the class is the fact that “Everybody works on one thing to try and make the yearbook better.”

Yearbooks are on sale until January 25th, for $60. If you want any additional information, feel free to check in with Lindsay Green in room 226 before or after school.