Secrets of Centennial- Top to Bottom

Centennial is full of secrets, from yellow walls to underground windows.  Throughout the year I will be investigating these secrets with the help of staff and maintenance. First, I will take you to the top and bottom of Centennial.


Through the Maintenance room and down the stairs, turn right into a room with huge pipes coming out of the ground and a window. But how is there a window if you went down stairs? This window is a special window that looks into the pool. Mr.Walters said that “Way back when, it used to be used so that swim coaches could watch their swimmers form.” But now the window has a layer of plastic over it and makes it hard to see into the pool. If you keep walking and go further back into the room it gets more narrow and then wide again to some big double doors. Through the double doors their are three other doors, one that is just a storage room, one that is the chlorine room, and the last one is an escape route. When Walters and I tried to open the escape route the door was rusted shut and not budging. When asked Mr. Easter said that the escape route hasn’t been used in over 50 years.


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Emma Garcia-Conga said “We’ve always wanted to go down but never have because of the pumps.” Their coach never uses it and even if he did it would be very hard to see. Conga then told me “The old coach would stand down there with a mask on but no one ever noticed.” So if you are ever in the pool and get the scene that someone is watching you, they might just be.

The roof is an often overlooked place that not many people know how to get out to. There are many different routes, most of which are locked, but the one I chose starts in Mr. Bagniefski’s room. Though the door that maintenance uses to get up to the third floor, there is a door at the top of the spiral stairs. Once you open the door there is a series of heat ducts that you have to weave in and out of and duck under to get to the double doors on the other side of the room. Once the doors open you go from a dimly lit room to the bright outdoors right in front of you. The roof is flat and full of small rocks but the view is spectacular and made it well worth the trip.