Remembering Kristopher Heleine

Centennial has been saddened with the news of former student Kristopher Heleine’s death. Kristopher, age 20, passed away on Monday, August 25, 2014.

Heleine battled with a morpheme syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that tears apart the connective tissue around bones. This caused Heleine a great deal of pain. Senior Alex Pryde-Wait said “There wasn’t a day that Kris didn’t feel pain, but everytime you saw him, he had a smile from ear to ear”. This kind of optimistic attitude Heleine showed was inspiring. Many students who knew Heleine, also agreed that Heleine was very optimistic, living each day to the fullest.

Claire Vail, a Centennial special-education teacher was very close to Heleine. “The hardest thing from a teacher’s perspective was realizing he wasn’t going to reach adulthood and trying to figure out how to make his life the fullest for each day he had left” says Vail.

“Kris’s personality was the number one thing teachers and students latched on to” says Pryde-Wait. Heleine loved his Mountian-Dew and  Xbox 360. Heleine also had a “wicked sense of humor” confirms Pryde-Wait. Heleine had over 11 major surgerys in the 20 years that he lived. Many of them came before his high-school years. “Kirs watched out for his freshmen peers, even though they were sometimes annoying” says Vail

“The most important thing to remember about Kris, was that he truly embraced each day.” says Vail. “He really brought our mortality into perspective. We all expect to deteriorate at some point, but the level of rapid deterioration seen in Kris really brought mortality into perspective.” continued Vail.