How old is too old to trick or treat?

Trick or treating is done by many on Halloween night. An old tradition passed down through the generations, but I ask you this how old is too old to trick or treat?

Well here’s what some Centennial students had to say on the matter

“I think once people hit a certain age then they would be considered as a little too old to go trick or treating. Like, it would be weird seeing a grown up going from door to door asking for candy. They could if they wanted to, but others might not think highly of it. We usually see little kids with their parents going trick or treating not full grown adults.” – Kristin Lopez

“It should be a point where the person should decide to receive or give candy away” -Eliot Gallardo

“12 because you don’t have much homework or responsibilities. So you have time to do the things you want like trick or treat” –Glenn Nicko Concepcion

In my own opinion I believe 14 is a good age to stop when you’re transitioning from a middle school kid into your later teen years in high school, but that’s just my opinion. So what do you think? Do you agree with some of Centennials finest? Or do you have a different opinion? Drop a comment below and let us know.

Sports Money…Where does it go?

Article co-written with Ginny Martinez

At Centennial, sports are one of the biggest and most important things we have.
With 21 varsity teams and hundreds of players, it could be one of the biggest expenses
of the school. As a follow up to our most recent article, referencing the school wide
budget, The Centinal takes a deeper look at sports, and more importantly: the money
that makes it all possible. Brian Easter, the Centennial Athletic Director, explained the
whole process.

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Charger Volleyball Serves Up Some Conference Wins

In the month of September, the Centennial High School volleyball program began their conference games.  The Chargers have played all the new Peoria schools that are now in the Big 12 conference, as well as Urbana and Bloomington.  The Lady Chargers have pulled off a win in all their conference matches so far, including against Central in the Volley for the Cure game to support breast cancer awareness. Freshmen and JV have also been successful in this new conference.  Varsity is 6-1, Jv is 4-3, and Freshmen are 5-2.

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Illinois Football Closes Out First Month of the Season

The Illinois Fighting Illini football team capped off their non-conference schedule and first four games of the season this past weekend against Nebraska, and although it wasn’t the result they were looking for, they finished September with a 3-2 record. “We’ve got to be able, in my opinion, to look at some of the things that we’re doing well,” head coach Tim Beckman said after the Nebraska game. “We need to continue to move forward instead of dwelling on the negatives.”

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