Death of a Star

On August 11th the movie business lost a great star. Robin Williams was found in his home dead from asphyxia by hanging.

Robin Williams was born on July 21st, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois to his two parents Laurie and Robert. He got his first big acting job as Popeye in the movie Popeye in 1980. His best movie according to Rotten Tomato was Good Will Hunting followed by Aladdin. In the 1970’s unfortunately, Robin Williams was under a lot of pressure by his acting appearances, and by his stand-up comedy act, so much that he started taking cocaine to help the stress. Later due to the death of a close friend and the birth of his son, Williams was able to quit drugs and got into a more healthy lifestyle. All throughout his life he struggled with alcoholism and in 2006 he checked himself into a rehabilitation center. In 2014 he again admitted himself into another rehabilitation center. Prior to his death his publicist said that Robin Williams was battling severe depression, and had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. On August 11th Robin Williams was found dead in his home, strangled by his own belt, that he did to himself.

Robin Williams will always be remembered for all the laughs that people had when listening to him act, or perform. He is survived by his three children and his wife.