Unit 4 Referendum: The Need to Know

Co-written with Ariam Tesfaye

As the new school year kicks off, Unit 4 is already looking ahead to the many years to come. On November 4th a very exciting referendum could pass. If it passes Champaign schools could see many exciting changes including a new Central High School and renovations at Centennial.

Mr. Johnson is very ready for a new and improved Centennial. “Our school is just outdated! We don’t have the space sufficient for the rate at which we are growing.” The new improvements would include: new equipment in the science classrooms, new office spaces, a new gym, new classrooms, as well as increased parking space.

As the vote is getting ready to be taken, there has been positive, as well as negative feedback from the community. Many parents are concerned with the possible tax increase, but any increase would still keep Champaign schools as the lowest taxed district in the area.

If the referendum is met with positive resopnse come November 4th, construction would start as soon as possible, with prep at the end of winter. “This could be great for the economy, and the return on investment would be huge” says Johnson.