The Rules of Warm-up Music

All Centennial athletes know the struggle of making a warm-up playlist that gets approved by coaches and administration. Mr. Easter, the athletic director at Centennial, says that, “Athletic contests should be viewed as a high school sports venue and not a dance club.” Speaking from personal experiences, it is difficult to find current popular music that doesn’t offend anyone. “The message speaks volumes about the teams and what they represent,” says Easter when asked why rules about music have been strict in the past. Playing music that is offensive to women, for instance, gives a bad reputation to the program.

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Centennial Partners With Habitat for Humanity

Centennial’s Key Club is inviting all to help Habitat for Humanity build a home for a US Army Veteran. This is the first time in over 20 years that Habitat has paired with a veteran. Bobby Hart and April Adams are both graduates from Urbana High School and Centennial organizations have been asked to help out.

The house will be built in Spring 2015. All of the students 16 and older and the staff are invited to volunteer in the process. Along with actually building the house, there will be five message boards (one for each class plus the staff) on display that are open for messages of gratitude to the veteran family. These messages boards will actually go into the house. The messages will cost $1 and the money raised will be used for the costs of building the home.

There will be a competition among classes at Centennial to see who can raise the most money. This competition is also between Centennial, Central and Urbana. The message boards will be out in the main lobby before or after school until this Tuesday, November 25th! Key Club member Rachel Mihm tells the Centinal, “This is a really awesome way to support the community and it would be great to see people participate in it!”

Secrets of Centennial – Halloween Hauntings

DSCN0594 DSCN0601Have you ever  seen that small, brown door in Mr. Bagnefskis room? It has a window and looks like even a big dog would have to duck to get in it. That door used to be a dumbwaiter that carried books between the library and that room. But there isn’t a small brown door anywhere visible in the library. Instead the other end is in the IMC and it has been painted white to blend into the wall, in fact, unless you were looking for it you really wouldn’t notice it. It is behind the smart board and although its indented in the wall it blend in so well that even when taking picture students had never noticed it before. The Liberian said that even when she started working here in ’82 the dumbwaiter wasn’t working. Mr. Easter would tell you that it’s because of the incident in ’71.

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Varsity Soccer Boys Season Summary

As most of you know, our boys varsity soccer season has unfortunately come to an end recently, but they fought hard til the end. With practices 6 days a week 2 hours long they made it to the semi-final regionals! I commend them for achieving this great accomplishment, it wasn’t easy whatsoever. Jesse Fuentes on the boys varsity team says, “It was a tough but great season. We faced a lot of bumps in the roads lost, but with the family I have made throughout it, was more important.” In fact, most of the boys on the team had said that the best part of being in soccer was meeting new people and beginning friendships.

Also another popular answer I got interviewing most of the team was when I asked their favorite highlight. Anthony Martin and Justin Meid had unhesitatingly said “The game against Peoria on senior night definitely. We had a lot of supporters come out and it felt good to win the game with them counting on us.” Jesse said “The Mahomet game because it was revenge when we lost to them last year so it was relieving to know that our hard work and determination had paid off.”

The boys have made a mark in Centennial history and I say good luck to next years season! It was obvious that the boys had fun and also learned so much, hope well for the seniors who want to pursue soccer in college too!

The New Intrusion Policy: ALICE

Co-authored by Austin Westray

This year, Centennial’s administration implemented a new policy for potential intruders entering the school. When asked when he realized our previous intruder system wasn’t capable of protection, principal Greg Johnson admitted, “I’ve always been aware.” In the unfortunate event of a unwanted visitor or a current student attacker entering the school teachers had been previously told to move their students to the corner of the classroom where they cannot be seen, lock the doors from outside of the classroom, and wait quietly with their class. It’s always been known that this was a sketchy idea – If an armed stranger came into the room, is hiding really going to save the most lives?

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Haunted High Proves To Be a Killer Good Time

As Halloween draws nearer, the more haunted houses, the better! Or at least, Centennial’s Interact Club definitely thinks so. Started by former Centennial student Trent Reeve in his senior year of 2012, Haunted High has now become one of Centennial’s oldest and best-loved traditions.

The haunted house took place on Sunday October 26th, and was a huge success. The members of Interact worked countless hour s throughout the weekend to ensure that it would be a hit, ” When you have  the most dedicated and helpful people in the school, its not hard to plan such a great event,” said Interact president Brittany Fruehling. Overall, there were two days of setup, which included everything from planning the makeup to making sure the fake blood on the floor was expertly placed.

The “Apocalypse” theme was a hit, and crowds came by the hundreds to get their share of the fun. The price of admission was $5 or a pair of shoes that would go to the charity “Shoes4Water”, an organization that collects shoes and uses them to fund the processes necessary to bring clean water to places in Kenya that are without. Said Fruehling, “It’s awesome to be able to help a charity while doing something that is fun for everyone involved.”