Haunted High Proves To Be a Killer Good Time

As Halloween draws nearer, the more haunted houses, the better! Or at least, Centennial’s Interact Club definitely thinks so. Started by former Centennial student Trent Reeve in his senior year of 2012, Haunted High has now become one of Centennial’s oldest and best-loved traditions.

The haunted house took place on Sunday October 26th, and was a huge success. The members of Interact worked countless hour s throughout the weekend to ensure that it would be a hit, ” When you have  the most dedicated and helpful people in the school, its not hard to plan such a great event,” said Interact president Brittany Fruehling. Overall, there were two days of setup, which included everything from planning the makeup to making sure the fake blood on the floor was expertly placed.

The “Apocalypse” theme was a hit, and crowds came by the hundreds to get their share of the fun. The price of admission was $5 or a pair of shoes that would go to the charity “Shoes4Water”, an organization that collects shoes and uses them to fund the processes necessary to bring clean water to places in Kenya that are without. Said Fruehling, “It’s awesome to be able to help a charity while doing something that is fun for everyone involved.”