Secrets of Centennial – Halloween Hauntings

DSCN0594 DSCN0601Have you ever  seen that small, brown door in Mr. Bagnefskis room? It has a window and looks like even a big dog would have to duck to get in it. That door used to be a dumbwaiter that carried books between the library and that room. But there isn’t a small brown door anywhere visible in the library. Instead the other end is in the IMC and it has been painted white to blend into the wall, in fact, unless you were looking for it you really wouldn’t notice it. It is behind the smart board and although its indented in the wall it blend in so well that even when taking picture students had never noticed it before. The Liberian said that even when she started working here in ’82 the dumbwaiter wasn’t working. Mr. Easter would tell you that it’s because of the incident in ’71.

Our athletic trainer, Mr. Easter, wouldn’t disclose much but he said “That’s where they used to put the bad kids to teach them a lesson until the incident in ’71. Many small children were involved.” Easter said that as a result of the incident there is now a man with huge gashes and many boils cross his face that lives in the boiler room. He can often be heard scraping his fingernails across the hot surface of the boilers. But if you go looking for him you might end up just like him.

Although Centennial doesn’t have many ghost stories there is the ghost of the blue man. A long time ago around Halloween students would go to the cemetery in Urbana near the country club and look for the ghost of blue man. He was said to appear running up and down the rows of graves.

You probably have never noticed the blinds in room 112 or the window for that matter. Sure there are windows leading to outside but there is also a window that looks into the room. Room 112 used to be home to our child development class. The window used to be a one way mirror so that students could watch children play while the kids had no clue people were watching them. “I find it kinda creepy” says Riley Skube. You never know if someone is looking at you through the window. So if you feel like you are being watched, maybe you are.