The Rules of Warm-up Music

All Centennial athletes know the struggle of making a warm-up playlist that gets approved by coaches and administration. Mr. Easter, the athletic director at Centennial, says that, “Athletic contests should be viewed as a high school sports venue and not a dance club.” Speaking from personal experiences, it is difficult to find current popular music that doesn’t offend anyone. “The message speaks volumes about the teams and what they represent,” says Easter when asked why rules about music have been strict in the past. Playing music that is offensive to women, for instance, gives a bad reputation to the program.

It is difficult in the current era we are in to find music only for the sole purpose of being positive and pump athletes up for their games. Some athletes thought that the rules were somewhat unclear and that it was unfair to teams making warm-up playlists. This responsibility of approving songs isn’t always left up to only Easter and he says, “Coaches are good at backing me up, but occasionally there is poor judgement on both sides of the issue.” ¬†Hopefully this can clear things up for all student athletes in this position.