Seniors Feelings About College

I have interviewed the class of 2015 about their thoughts on college since now is the prime time to be planning and choosing your dream college. Although some of the students have given me hesitant and unsure answers, which is totally normal, others have been excited and 100% confident. As the recent senior soccer athlete Kevin Hernandez says, “I can’t wait to graduate and actually study what I want to do.”

Most of the answers that I am getting on college is that they feel ready for this transition. C.J. Echols says, “I have taken a lot out of high school and am prepared to be focused on my studies. I am a little nervous but definitely ready to go to the school I want to go to.” Senior year has been a wake up call to them and they are now getting the jists of college ways. They’re more enlightened by the idea that they do not have to sit through a class that would do no purpose for them. They will enjoy their education more because they have picked out their majors and that will be their future.

Of course the seniors will miss their beloved high school, but their way more than determined to start their futures and careers. Centennial will hold a special spot for each of them and the incredible memories they have made here. During the interviews I could hear their strive and devotion for successfulness, and that’s why I have a great feeling class of 2015 will do wonders.