The Final Four

Florida State? Alabama? Oregon? or TCU? The final week of college football approaching but no one knows which team will end at the top spot. This years season of college football is different; the top 4 teams will enter a tournament to decide which two teams will compete in the BCS Championship game.

As of now, the #1 team in the nation is Alabama(11-1). Bama is a very tough team which they has been for the past decade. They’ve won the BCS back-to-back in 2011 and 2012.  Behind this success is head coach Nick Saben. Saben recruits the best of the best in high school. He then turns these 5-star athletes to be the best they can be. Bama is so tough because they are a balanced out team. Defense and Offense are both big factors carried by the star QB Blake Sims.

Next up is the #2 team Oregon(11-1). Oregon is led by their Heisman Jr. Quarterback  Marcus Mariota. So far, Marcus has thrown 36 touchdown passes and only threw 2 interceptions.  Oregon has been a powerhouse in the PAC-12 for several years now. The team has full of speedy and strong athletes which is a uneven matchup for most teams. The BCS game is looking like Alabama vs. Oregon as of now!

Sitting at the #3 spot is TCU(10-1). TCU has recently joined the Big 12 conference. They have been a powerhouse so far and has been even before the joined the Big 12! TCU is 3rd overall in the FBS with 46.1 points per game. Their high tempo offense has been impossible to stop. Along with that, their defense is 26th is the FBS allowing their opponents just to 21.9 points per game. Hopefully their well-balanced team can keep up this last week so they can earn a spot in the BCS playoffs.

Last but not least, the #4 team is Florida State(12-0). Florida State is the only undefeated football team left in the FBS. Although their Heisman Soph. Quarterback Jameis Winston is having a terrible season throwing only 21 touchdowns and throwing 17 interceptions, Florida State is still undefeated but is ranked 4th in the nation. Many people don’t know how they are ranked 4th based on their record being perfect and having the hardest schedule. If FSU win this last game of the season, possibly they can earn the #1 spot and compete in the BCS game.


Co-Written by Steven Lee.