Secrets of Centennial

Written with Rebecca Kaefring

There are rooms in Centennial that most students don’t go into. There are some offices that as a senior, I never knew existed.

Every teacher has an office for their department, but what most students don’t know is there is a teacher’s lounge downstairs in the Consumer Ed hallway. It has a back entrance into the computer lab that most don’t know about.

In the theme of teacher rooms we also found the Special Education Office. It has ten teachers that are there for anyone who needs help. Together they cover all types of subjects. There are some locked doors found in the back of the room that are locked shut at all times. These doors lead to cafeteria, which also means the office brings in a lot of extra heat all throughout the year. Good for the winter, but bad during the summer.

The last room that we looked at was the SSR, or School Suspension Room. Only a small part of the room is actually for the students who are sent there. A large part of the room is dedicated to storage. It also has a door that leads to the band office. If students don’t have anything to work on, the teacher in the room has them color so don’t think you can get out being there by not having any work!