Track and Field Update

Deemed as an “Awesome sport” by Mr.Easter, Track and Field is one of our biggest sports at Centennial. Easter said ” It’s a True sport because whose faster? Who can jump the highest? Who can run the highest?” and in the famous distance runner Steve Prefontaine’s words “Success isn’t how far you’ve got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.” Track and Field is truly for everyone, there isn’t just running but jumping far and high, and seeing who can throw the farthest as well. Centennial is suppose to host girls sectionals and boys conference this year but because of the condition of our track that doesn’t look very likely. Easter said we are also hosting a meet with just Springfield and Bloomington in it this year for girls as well. “Our boys team won sectionals last year and we only lost two seniors last year, so this year should be a good one.” says coach Walters, the boys Track and Field coach.

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