A Day In The Life: Mr. Tucker

Most Centennial High-School students have heard the name Mr. Tucker once or twice. This is because John Tucker is all over the school, helping meet non-stop needs and making Centennial a better place. After sitting down with Tucker, it was noted how under-appreciated he truly is.

Mr. John Tucker begins his day by checking all the classrooms to see if they’re too hot or too cold. Following his classroom checks, at about 7:30 a.m., he unlocks the cafeteria for students to get their breakfast. After the students have finished breakfast and the late bell has rung, Mr. Tucker locks the door back.

After that, he goes on call for the day, which essentially means that if the office phones him, at any time for any reason, he has to respond immediately. If a student throws up, for example, the office will call Tucker to clean it up. If a bathroom in the school is having an issue, he is the first to respond. If a student spills soda, Mr. Tucker is always the one called to clean it up.

Aside from cleaning up spills and tending to bathrooms, Mr. Tucker is the head custodian for Centennial. This means he is in charge of the other janitors around the school. He directs them on where to go, as each custodian has his or her respective area to clean daily.

Mr. Tucker also tends to the boilers, and motors located in various locations throughout the school. This means he is walking the whole school, including rooms not accessible to students, multiple times a day. Mr. Tucker does all of this work solely for the student’s benefit.