Centennial Predicts Super Bowl

As we all know, Super Bowl XLIX is this Sunday. It’s a time where people don’t judge you for throwing a party on a Sunday knowing you have work and school tomorrow. I’m just one of the Millions looking forward to this game. One main reason:  Richard Sherman vs Tom Brady. “U mad bro?” If you don’t get that reference, just Google Richard Sherman with the quote next to it. This article is full of ten people I interviewed about the game. I asked two simple questions, who’s going to win, and why?

First up, History and Sociology teacher, Andy Woods. Woods believes the Seahawks will win 27-17, because “defense wins championships, and Seattle has the better overall defense.”

Next I interviewed  Markus Green. The Centennial Senior says the Patriots will walk away winners because “they are the better overall team.”

Student Sam Blisset was interviewed the same time as Markus, and he thinks New England as well, his reason was priceless. “My dad’s a Packers fan and if the team that beat his favorite team loses, then it’ll be like the Packers lost for nothing.”

After Sam comes student Abigail Toledo, she thinks Seattle. “The Patriots cheated and don’t deserve it, plus the Seahawks won last year, as long as they don’t get cocky.”

I interviewed English teacher Kara Downs next, and she made a very good point. “I say Seahawks because the comeback they had could carry into this game, and they’ve got good momentum.”

Student Christian Barnes thinks Seattle, because, and I quote, “The Patriots won’t have deflated balls to help them in the Super Bowl.”

As things seemed to turn towards Seattle, I had to interview somebody I know was a Patriots fan, to get that biased answer, so who better than student Nathaniel Thompson. “The Patriots will win because Tom Brady is on fire, gronk…got dem hands, Blount is running like he was from police in Pittsburgh, and Wilfork is destroying everybody on the line.”

Why not interview a football coach? I asked Coach Has, and his reason was simple, “The Patriots, because I like Tom Brady and I believe he is the best quarterback in the NFL.”

Next was AP, Charles Nietzel. “Seattle, defense. Plus I could win a lot of money. And I think New England will be like Oregon, and not score as much or live up to what they made seem like they were against the Colts.”

Lastly, student Brianna Jada, she says Seahawks because of the comeback against the Packers, and they won last year.

There you go, 6-4 in favor of Seattle. What better way of a repeat champion, than knocking off the team that was last to do it? I’m picking Seattle, 31-26.