Get to Know Your Principal – Part Two

Have you ever wondered what the principal is like? Not just the things he does
as a principal, but what he is like as a person?

The Centinal did a follow up with Principal Greg Johnson to see what has changed from our last interview at the beginning of the year.
Johnson is a busy guy most of the year, but surprisingly, not during finals. He told us about how during finals, the biggest worry is paperwork. There is not as many fights or incidents,  so finals are not as stressful to him as they are to students.  Johnson mentioned implementing a student committee. This committee discusses topics such as social injustice, freshman group, anti-bullying group, and even cheer leading for little kids. These are all things that affect Centennial
in important ways, and so it is very beneficial to have students helping with these projects.
Lastly, we felt it would be interesting to see what Johnson does over his holiday season. He informed us that during Christmas break, he spent most of his holidays in
Chicago celebrating with his family. Specifically, he spent Christmas Eve with his family,
and Christmas day with his wife and children. They celebrated their own household Christmas early on the 21st.