French Club Update

In the beginning of the year, the Centinal did an article over the supposed upcoming French Club, which had yet to prevail. French Honor Society had been meeting once every month in the morning for activities like “Loto,” the French version of bingo, secret santa, and a little ‘petit dejeuner’ (breakfast) consisting of croissants, baguettes, and nutella, but the club never had it’s first meeting. Finally, after a semester long delay, Madame Orrison is proud to announce that the French Club is making it’s first debut tomorrow, February 4th, after school at 3:30. It will be a quick first meeting with a few fun games at about 30 minutes, so it is not a major time commitment.
It wouldn’t be a French Club meeting without the infamous French cuisine. Of course, there will be food! While food will be available to everyone who shows up, do not just leave once you get it! Madame Orrison’s student teacher, Monsieur Campbell, added with emphasis, “Don’t dine and dash!”
Along with the first club meeting, French has a new class t-shirt this year available for purchase. If you are interested, see Madame Orrison for details. If enough people show interest, everyone who is purchasing a t-shirt gets three dollars off of their price. So, tell your friends! Au revoir!