Is Channing Tatum A Fairy?

Jupiter Ascending released to the public on February 6th, starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. In this standard hero’s journey film, the That 70’s Show favorite plays Jupiter Jones, a girl who believes she has no destiny, but really it was planned for her millennium in advance.

Her astronomer father was murdered before she was born, and growing up proved difficult living with the rest of her very opinionated family. It was a standard, “I hate my life,” feeling, which was understandable because to help with her family’s financial difficulties, Jupiter was forced to clean toilets on a regular basis with help from her bossy – but loving mother, and her aunt.
Jumping around within the plot, Jupiter’s typical routine is interrupted when one day she essentially finds herself in great danger with weird alien people trying to eat her face off. That’s where Channing Tatum comes in playing the part of Caine. This character can be the most easily described as an alien bad boy going good. Of course there is a lot more to his identity, but I, for one, found myself confused with all the different components of the movie.
Caine takes Jupiter all around the galaxy, jumping from one planet to the next, with all different alien types and whatnot all seemingly wanting something from her. Not trying to spoil anything, but this girl holds a lot of power in terms of the inheritance of the cosmos. Lot’s of life threatening situations occur in order to obtain something that every planet in the galaxy wants…it isn’t money or power, but rather: time.
If you are into dystopias and the space time continuum along with action and cool graphics, this movie is a must see for you. It was really interesting to see how the director showed the insignificance of earth compared to the vast majority of space. It sets up an interesting discussion.. if space is infinite, isn’t it kind of ignorant of the human race to believe we are the only living species out there? What if we are being watched or controlled with more advanced technology like a video game from other planets? Also, seeing this as my first IMAX movie was really cool, with the graphics being so complex. While I liked the aspect of the general plot, my opinion on the overall movie was kind of “eh.” I thought they put too much complexity into the actual story. A lot of the stuff that was put into the story wasn’t needed at all. That being said you have to pay attention the entire time to understand what is actually going on, and not just the overall gist. Maybe I would’ve understood it more if I didn’t have to go to the bathroom for the majority of the movie. With a long running time of 127 minutes, this movie is NOT the movie to buy a large Blue Raspberry slushy, or you will sincerely be struggling to make it through the movie. To be honest I was mostly interested in the pretty dresses the various alien groups gave Jupiter each time she popped up on another planet. Usually I am all for the Tatum collabs, mostly because he is beautiful, but this time around I struggled with wrapping my brain around his character, especially because I know Channing as the guy from the 21 Jump Street movies, and the Step Up series. Essentially, I am not yet sure about how I feel about Mila literally being the queen bee and Channing being a blond-eyebrowed elf boy with fairy wings… you’ll understand if you see the movie.

Co-written with Austin Westray