Winter Versa Dance This Saturday

Vice Versa is a fun time of year for everyone with all the stress of winter it’s nice to just go to a dance with somebody.  For Centennial High School our Vice Versa dance this year is called “Winter Versa”.  The dance is going to be Saturday, February 28, from 7 to 10 pm at The Refinery.  It costs five dollars to get in and the ticket sales will be Wednesday through Friday (February 25-27).  You can buy your tickets in the main lobby of Centennial High School any of these three days.

The idea behind Vice Versa is a girl asks a guy to the dance.  It is kind of a reverse role concept because in most circumstances the guy asks the girl to a dance.  In past experiences at Centennial the amount of people that go varies.  Last year hardly any people actually went, but in years before it had numbers similar to homecoming.  In all though Vice Versa is a fun experience that everyone should try out.  Plus it’s ok to go alone if you’re down with that kind of thing.  So everyone come out and wear your most dapper outfit.