Charger Spotlight: Fashion Club

The fashion club at Centennial was introduced earlier this year, thanks to Kieryn Alexander who collaborated with Charles Weinberg in the establishment of the club.The Centinal sat down with Weinberg in hopes of shedding light on Centennial’s Fashion Club and what its doing in and around the school. When asked about how the club was created Weinberg wasted no time in crediting senior Kieryn Alexander. “Kieryn wanted it to frame the club to be accessible to anyone through this whole idea of ‘do it yourself'” said Weinberg. Tutorials were given on how to knit and sew, in order to empower the club’s members with hands on experience so that they didn’t need to go out and buy anything. “Anyone interested can join at any time.” Weinberg said.

The fashion club has been collecting prom dresses for the last few months. The efforts of the club have been promising as they have collected over 30 dresses thus far. The club is still taking donations, and greatly appreciate the generosity so far. If you would like to donate a used prom dress, you can drop them off in either Room 227 or the Main Office. The giveaway is open to anyone.

The club has hopes of putting on a fashion show to show off the dresses collected in the prom dress drive.  The show will likely be held at Centennial on April 9th. For any further inquiries, please see Mr. Weinberg in room 227.

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  1. I love fashion club! Kieryn works hard to make it a success, and I’m excited to see future projects from the club.

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