FEMINIST CLUB: Girl power officially has a place at Centennial.

Lately, it seems that feminism has been all over the media. Numerous ad campaigns, as well as social media campaigns, have been focused on empowering women, and trying to discontinue the culture of subjecting women to never ending criticism in popular culture.  An entire counterculture of “meninists” have even entered the sphere, advocating men’s rights, and rejecting the need for feminism. Some people might say that the last thing Centennial needs is a feminist club, but Centennial junior Hildegard Luijten disagrees completely.

Recently, I spoke with Hildegard about a few of the obstacles that she hopes to overcome, and one of the things she seems to be most adamant about is the word itself.  Feminism, is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men, “we need to reclaim the what it means to be a feminist,” says Luijten “there are too many people who see or hear that word and think of someone who wants superiority for women, and that isn’t what feminism is about.” Something has become too clear in the media and that is that women are extremely misrepresented, feminist club aims to create a platform for this issue. Added Luijten, “We want to be able to promote equality over superiority, making sure that people understand this is extremely important.”

With the help of numerous teachers Hildegard has been able to generate support in the school, as well as the community. She hopes that this club will continue to grow even after she graduates, and believes that it will make a permanent difference in the Centennial community. Feminist club meets every other Tuesday at 3:30 in room 234.