The Race and Identity Club

The Race and Identity is a club geared towards boys of all races from freshman to junior year in high school.  The goal of the club is to have students learn about their own racial identity and how it affects them and how identity shapes them as a person.  It is predominantly geared towards boys for a few good reasons.  According to a study done by Dr. Michael Thompson girls are out performing boys in every academic standard.  The club is geared to help boys get smarter as well in this instance and to help them want to strive to change these studies.

The Centinal sat down with Lindsay Aikman a head member of the club to discuss what it was about.  “We wanted to bring up the issues young black males deal with and try to help them understand their own identity, and the white boys we wanted to help understand being an ally.” says Aikman.

Also at the last meeting for the club we discussed new things to add to the club, this included talking about white issues more, race in politics and institutions, and also mentoring to younger children.