Story Time with Stock and Walters

Both Stock and Walters have been at Centennial long enough to see some teachers come and go. They have also seen more than their fair share of teacher to teacher pranks, and even played some themselves.

You often see Stock wandering the halls and at one point in his career he was paid to do so. Stock says that “There was one teacher who never bothered to learn any of the names of her students, she would just have them write there name down when they came to class.” Soon the students caught on that she had no idea who was there and who wasn’t. When Stock had to go find someone one day he asked her where he was and she handed him the list of students who wrote there names. However there were only 7 students in class and about 22 names on the list. Students were taking turns on who wrote the names down and who got to skip class that day.

Stock and Walters helped each other tell about the time this teacher thought her ceiling was leaking. Stock was sitting in a desk outside the class rooms, waiting for stragglers who needed late passes and saw this kid ask the teacher if he could go get a drink of water. Stock didn’t think any thing of it until the boy started “drinking.” Instead of swallowing he simply filled his cheeks with water and went back into the classroom. Curious, Stock watched as the boy tilted his head up to the ceiling then took his hands and his his cheeks to spray water on the ceiling. He then turned to the teacher and announced “We have to leave, the ceilings leaking.” To that the teacher then started to shuffle all of her students out of the class room and into the hall way. She was one very oblivious teacher.