Boys Volleyball Team to Start at Centennial

Ever since the girl’s volleyball team made it to state in 2012, there have been several requests over the years to have a boys volleyball team made. Boys volleyball has been around in the bigger cities, such as Chicago and Los Angeles.

In light of the gender equality movements in the news, boys are pushing for a team for themselves. “Its only right”, says junior Trevor Vallese. “We want a volleyball team, just like the teams in Chicago”. Giving the boys a team also gives them more opportunities to get scholarships for college. “It will give everyone a chance to branch out and find more friends”, said Vallese.

For anyone that is interested please come to room 234 at Wednesday, April 1st at 3:30, where Mr. Easter, the athletic director, will give out specifics for the team.


Written with Gina Huss












April Fools! This isn’t actually a thing.