Bruce Rauner Vows to Raise the Driving Age

Illinois’ laws will be changing this year. New Governor Bruce Rauner has been working with Secretary of State Jesse White to raise the driving age to 18.

The legislation was passed earlier today, and will stop all children under the age of 18 from receiving their driver’s license beginning June 14th, 2015. “I think it will make for safer roads” said Rauner, as he signed the document earlier this week.

Data shows that teenage drivers are the biggest cause of accidents in Illinois. Within in the past two years teenage drivers have caused over 85% of all driving incidents. Rauner believes it is time to stop these irresponsible drivers from being on the road.

This new legislation will create a new structure for driving school as well. All student drivers must take a rigorous 6 month course. The course has been described as the best instructional course in the past 30 years.

By the final stage of the class the student will understand the mechanics of the car, learning all the ins and outs. To pass this stage the student must dismantle a car into each individual piece and then put it back together in 2 hours.

Scientists say it will produce the safest drivers the nation has ever seen, and other states are looking to implement the same process. Good luck!