Use of Profanity to Result in School Suspension

According to Principal Johnson, the use of any profanity will result in a one day suspension. If caught using
Profanity you will be suspended for one day for each offense. Johnson was also quoted as saying “We

Really want to focus on creating an environment that your grandparents would be proud of.

If any students have any questions, I would love to explain the situation to them.”

“Lots of profanity have been thrown around this year, more than I’ve ever heard up to this point,” said Mr.

Fillips, a new AP whom has not been seen, but is around, “I’ve taught in a lot of places, including

Oregon, you know how crazy Oregon is?” He continued, “When I see students who use profanity,

Oppression comes to my mind. These students are abusing the English language.” With the

Loss of freedom of speech, us students feel hopeless. We do not know where to go. Our rights have been

Stripped away from us. It is what it is though, stay strong Centennial, we can make it!