Story Time with Stock and Walters – Part II

Walters and Stock have been a dynamic duo for quite some time at Centennial. The pair have both jumped departments a lot and both have been deans. When asked “What are some of the stupidest things students at Centennial have done” both have stories that come strait to their head.

Anyone who has had Walters for a teacher can imagine the set up of his room, but for those who haven’t, its very different. Unlike most class rooms Walters has bigger desks that seat 2 people in each, and he sets them up in a double U shape around his room. When you want to give someone something normally you would get up and hand it to them, especially if its something you are not suppose to have. Two students tried to pass each other things by sliding them across the floor and it wouldn’t have been that obvious if they weren’t sitting on opposite ends of the room from each other. Walters stated that, “One person slid a bag of weed across the floor and another person slid money back.” They might have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for both of them not making the exchange all the way across the room.


Stock himself has had a few run ins with drug dealers years ago while he was a dean for Centennial. A boy who went to Central would drop off his girlfriend everyday and sometimes make “exchanges” with other students. One day Stock saw the boy and hopped into his trusty golf cart to courageously chase this drug dealer and single-handedly take him down. The only problem was that although Stock had a golf cart, the drug dealer had a car. By the time Stock had made it to Mattis he heard his radio telling him to get back to school. Even after the wild and speedy chase, Stock returned back to Centennial empty handed.