Centennial Playmakers Present: Bye Bye Birdy

“I get to have so much fun on stage it’s ridiculous,” says senior Tristan Antonson in reference to the Centennial production of Bye Bye Birdie. Antonson plays the title role of Conrad Birdie himself, a celebrity heart-throb, devastating his fans with his announcement of his 2 year departure into the army.

In addition to many subplots, Tristan explained that as a final goodbye to America, he agrees to kiss one lucky high school girl, Kim MaCafee (played by Lauren Barnhart.)

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“It’s not an experience I’ve had before, having so much attention.” Tristan said. This Thursday, Friday, and Saturdaybe “hamming it up” on stage with the rest of the Bye Bye Birdie cast and crew. An ensemble dancer in particular, sophomore Salman Amindavar says his favorite part is “getting to experience a special show with friends.” As his first involvement in musicals with Centennial, Amindavar struggles with the hot stage lights. However, he still enjoys every scene, his favorite being when all of the guys come marching on stage yelling about how they hate Conrad.
“It’s an incredibly diverse and wonderful group of people that you won’t find anywhere else.” As his last performance as a high school student, Antonson tries to enjoy the experience for the last time in the midst of all the responsibility he encounters as one of the leads. Tickets are on sale before and after school before and after school Thursday and Friday as well as at the door for an additional dollar if you choose to purchase tickets upon arrival at the show.