Dance Marathon 2k15

People are putting a lot on the line for Centennial’s 4th annual Dance Marathon. Unit 4 employees: Ed Wachala, Laura Plummer, and George Stanhope are shaving their head, or eyebrows. You can catch them with their fresh cuts tonight at Dance Marathon.

Grace Khachaturian started this fundraising opportunity her freshman year. Last year they had over 300 kids show up and raised $15,000, this year they hope to have over 400 kids attend.They have extended invitations to all ages and schools within the area, and are hoping to encourage younger children to come. The event starts at 5:30 at the Centennial gym and is $20 admission.

Six Miracle Families are coming this year, the most they have had yet. The miracle families are past and present patients of the children’s miracle network hospitals. The money raised at the Dance Marathon goes to help these families pay for their hospital bills.

This year they have reached an all time high of sponsors, including chipotle, tcby, jimmy john’s, buffalo wild wings, cv lloyd, and Meijer.The baseball team is also supporting dance marathon this year, by giving the siblings of a miracle family a chance to participate by being batboys for the boy’s baseball game tonight at 4:30.

To donate money, you can go to or visit the donor drive. A majority of the funds comes from this site, and will all contribute to the University of Illinois Dance Marathon happening tomorrow, April 18th. Anyone is welcome at the University of Illinois’ Dance Marathon beginning at noon at the U of I union.