Day of Silence

Friday, April 17, was the Day of Silence nationwide. This is a very important day as people come together to show their support for LGBT rights and those people who fight daily in a society that has not yet fully accepted the LGBT community.

Founded in 1996, this day has become one of the largest efforts towards creating an environment where everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, feels accepted.

One hundred fifty students at Centennial signed up to participate, taking a vow of silence in order to show their support for those who are silenced by anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools and all over the world. Centennial junior Avalon Ruby says, “we want to show people what being forced to be silent is like.
She is just one of many students who are using this day as a chance to “speak out” against the oppression faced by numerous gay and lesbian teens each and every day.”

What started as a small student-organized day at University of Virginia has now become a nationwide day of support at over 8,000 middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. Chandra Galloway, another junior at Centennial, said that she wants, “to support my friends who feel like they have had to be silent”. Galloway is just one of many, and the Day of Silence will continue to spread its message of tolerance and support for years to come.