Open Campus Lunch Should Be Extended to Sophomores

Sophomores should all receive open campus lunch. Study halls are mostly abused by students and very little studying is actually done. With the irrelevancy of a study hall to most, administration needs to reconsider granting open campus lunch to sophomores. Obviously, guidelines would still need to be set to ensure the students don’t get a ‘free ride’ to skip school.

A point of interest to consider would be the time needed for students to get lunch, eat it, and be back in time to make it to their next class. Part of the reason open campus lunch was taken away in the first place was because too many students were coming back late. The tardies were piling up and administration needed to crack down. It seems reasonable, but there are ways to work around the issue of excessive tardies.

Even in our on campus lunch we don’t receive enough time to get lunch and eat.  We receive roughly 15 minutes to actually eat our food.  Another issue with this is the random people who come to talk to students mysteriously and randomly take tables. There’s hardly enough tables in the first place and by them taking a whole table as well it makes seating an even bigger issue.  If we allowed open campus lunch for sophomores, seating in the cafeteria wouldn’t be an issue.

“If students are able to go off to lunch and be back in the 15 minutes we have to eat, then how can they say we won’t be back in time?” says an anonymous sophomore from  Centennial High School.   This  student has a point and we think the same thing.

If the administration complains so much about how we wont be back in time how come students are already doing it?  Another big issue is the staff says the Sophomores in 2014 had too many tardies, but how is it a punishment to them to take it from sophomores?  They never gave the 2015 sophomores an opportunity and future sophomores either.