Should Seniors Have to Take Final Exams?

A popular issue at Centennial High School is if the senior class should have an option in whether or not they take final exams.Personally, we think they should have an option. At this time around, seniors are very busy and stressed with college apps and unfortunately have SENIORITIS to top it off. They do not have much motive to do things and worry about taking an exam that accounts for 15-20% of their grade can cause a massive amount of paranoia and anxiety.

“Majority of the seniors around this time are focused on just having fun and fantasizing about how much fun they are going to have in the summer,” says Senior Kylan DuBose. That being said, we think that if it is an option to take it or not, it would benefit the student accordingly. Why take an exam that will have a high chance in dropping your grade down. “Seniors have worked hard for 7 semesters, if they get good grades they shouldn’t have to worry their important semester about 7 classes to take an exam in.” says Allie Cimarusti.

In some cases, the option would be to take the exam because it could boost the grade. It all should depend on what will help your grade at the end, and so that is why we think they should have a choice.