Charger Spotlight: Centennial Track and Field

The track and field team are preparing for the Twin City track meet, hosted by Centennial. So far both girls and boys track and field have been successful this season. Rob Spalding has turned heads while running the four by two. Vincent Gordon has also impressed spectators during his 100 and 200 meter dashes.  Track is a very thrilling sport to watch as runners run record-breaking times, or throwing up everywhere.

“Track and field is a fun experience aside from running it gives you an  opportunity to make new friends and the bus rides are fun. ” says track runner Matt Brookshire.  Centennial track and field is definatley a good way to make new friends because they have a fairly large and welcoming team.  Both girls and boys track and field have teams of roughly 20 or more kids.

Centennial track and field includes some of the top runners in the state on their team.  Last year the team won the sectional meet with multiple runners going to and qualifying for state.  They are hoping to do the same this year in the sectional meet which will be held at Bloomington. Go Chargers!