NHL Playoff Update

The NHL playoffs are in to the second round, as the top teams aim for the glory of the Stanley Cup. Last year the Stanley Cup was snagged by the LA Kings. However the Kings failed to make the playoffs this year and the Cup is up for grabs.

The first round matched up the St. Louis Blues and the Minnesota Wild. The Wild pulled ahead of the Blues in a 4-2 series. The Blackhawks finished off the Nashville Predators in a 4-2 series as well. The Anaheim Ducks swept the Winnipeg Jets. The Calgary Flames finished off the Vancouver Canucks to proceed to the second round. Montreal Canadiens defeated the Ottawa Senators, the Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Detroit Red Wings in a thrilling 4-3 series. The New York Rangers beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1 and the Washington Capitals beat the New York Islanders in a 4-3 series.

Now The Blackhawks face The Wild in the second round. The Blackhawks have pulled ahead of The Wild and the series stands 2-0 with the third game tonight! May 5th at 8 o’clock ET on NBC Sports Network. Anaheim leads the Flames 2-0 in the series and plays tonight at 7:30 ET on the USA network. Tomorrow Montreal a number one seed is down 2-0 to the Lightning. They play the third game tomorrow night on the USA network at 7 ET. The New York Rangers play the Washington Capitals in game 4 Wednesday night at 8 ET