National Honor Society – Jenna DeLuce and Taylor Feddersen

Meet the National Honor Society President, Jenna DeLuce, and Vice President Taylor Feddersen. Both DeLuce and Feddersen were inducted into NHS last year as Juniors, and through hard work and determination, they have worked their way into their executive positions as seniors in the 2015-16 school year. This month, both Jenna and Taylor had to prepare and present speeches in front of the members who voted for the executive positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


National Honor Society is a very prestigious organization in which students must receive a minimum 3.5 GPA to be considered for the program, and then have to go through an application process as admission. With exceptional grades, and a true passion for helping others, DeLuce and Feddersen were inducted into NHS as Juniors. National Honor Society members have to complete numerous service hours in their community as well as required hours within the program itself. “NHS is a great service organization. I enjoy volunteering.” says Feddersen. Jenna does not seem to mind either. “Service is very important to me,” she goes on to explain, “I enjoy helping other high schoolers get a chance to make a difference.”
Knowing the lasting impact Centennial National Honor Society members make on the community definitely contributed to nerves trying to compete for their positions. “I get nervous fairly easily,” says Jenna, “NHS is very respected within the school.” Jenna even goes as far as saying that becoming president is an honor.
DeLuce and Feddersen must collaborate with the other executive members to find service opportunities for students that have lasting impacts on the community, and prove interesting for the members themselves. The list of responsibilities also includes helping the members log hours, and taking charge of monthly meetings. Both Jenna and Taylor are actively involved in other school programs. Jenna is the co-president of Dance Marathon, the vice president of Best Buddies, and vice president of Spanish Club as well as being on both the tennis and the soccer team. Taylor is actively involved in Mu Alpha Theta, Key Club vice president, and CU Scholars. Both girls are involved in Interact, Student Council, Spanish Honor Society and many more.
When asked what her favorite service project was, DeLuce described her mission trip to the Dominican last summer. “It was one of the coolest things I’ve done,” she states. Her mission group helped serve meals at nutrition centers and even helped build a basketball court with emphasis on helping the children there. The trip allowed her to count service hours for NHS, but it also gave her a great deal more. “Seeing how happy everyone was there, even in extreme poverty, greatly changed my perspective.”
While Taylor has not yet counted these hours, Feddersen has also traveled and volunteered in the Philippines through ACTS Manila School for the Performing Arts. As a trained ballet dancer with Champaign Ballet Academy, during this trip Feddersen taught master classes to dancers ranging from age 11 to 18. In addition, she arranged the donation of over 180 leotards, tights, and ballet shoes to donate to ACTS Manila through her own ballet school. “It opened my eyes to how similar people are even from two different parts of the world.” says Feddersen.
While the overseas experiences are both rewarding and inspiring, not all service projects require members to travels to other countries. Feddersen mentioned volunteering locally at her sister’s swim meets. She times the races at the Champaign Country Club.
DeLuce and Feddersen have big plans to make National Honor Society at Centennial “even better,” through helping the community. Each member, regardless of executive position, has shown their leadership and organization through the responsibilities they share as a group of growing individuals. There is no doubt that the work that Jenna DeLuce and Taylor Feddersen will embrace through their roles will lead to significant lasting outcomes. The Centinal is excited to embrace the work National Honor Society continues to share.