Charger Spotlight: Centennial Football 2015

As the school year begins, so does the season of many sports teams at Centennial High School. “Football is a great experience for building a high school family” Says Austin Westray, Junior football player at Centennial High School. They are heading into the season short of a couple of players including Junior running back James Williams who is sidelined with a broken shin. They aren’t using their injuries as an excuse. Centennial football had their first game on Friday, August 28, 2015 against Morton. They won that game by a score of 26-14. Unfortunately, in their second game they fell to Marion. They are now 1-1 on the season.

The football players start preparing for their season over the summer because their season starts so early into the school year. Their practices consist of weightlifting, conditioning, and of course on field practice. Centennial football practices Monday through Thursday after school. On Friday nights at 7:00 Varsity football takes the field, JV football plays on Saturday mornings, and Freshmen play on Saturday afternoons. Those are the only days that the football teams play.It’s free to get into the Freshmen and JV football games and it costs $3.00 for students to get into Varsity games. JV and Varsity play on the main field behind Centennial. Freshmen play on the field behind Jefferson Middle School which neighbors centennial to the South.