Charger Spotlight: ECP Internship

A class that is not recognized much here at Centennial is, in my opinion, the most beneficial class to attend: ECP. Early College Program is a rigorous class Centennial has to offer that seniors and juniors should take advantage of.

It’s to help get you a head start and prepare for you desired career interest by interning and reporting your experiences in journals, and at end in, presentations and a paper. You get to become more familiar with whatever path you so choose and you can predict after taking the class if this career choice was a good fit or not. There’s no losing in taking this class; if you end up not liking your career, at least that gives you assurance and closure to move onto a new option and find something more in your interests.

ECP student Yalda Feiz says, “ECP is definitely a class I would recommend to upperclassmen. It allows you to fulfill volunteer hours and also find a career advisor to help you understand everything you need to know about your field as in depth as possible. And the sooner you know what you want to do with your life, the better!” Sign up for ECP next year to get a running start on where you want to go in life.