Charger Spotlight: Choir

Choir may not seem like your cup of tea at first because your idea of choir probably involves singing solos in front of of a large audience. Well I’m here to say you never have to! Unless you are moving into a higher choir; you don’t even have to be a trained singer.

You perform with the men’s and women’s choir and will occasionally go out to sing at Jimmy Johns, El toro, Panera, football games, soccer games etc. It’s a fun and educational way to converse with your fellow students and gain beneficial information about styles of music, careers in music, and audio and video editing.

If you are interested in becoming a member next year and want to enjoy a good performance (oh and free cheesecake!) you should come check out their upcoming concert Thursday October 15th! Current student Jenna Hornbaker says, “choir is definitely one of the best electives I have chosen all of high school. I’ve gained confidence and would recommend it if you want to be involved in Centennial activities!”