Student with BB Gun Discovered on Unit 4 Bus

Monday morning, a student on Unit 4 school bus #157 serving Jefferson and Centennial brought an unloaded BB gun on board with him.

Once the weapon was discovered, the police were immediately notified and were on the scene quickly. The student and his BB gun were neutralized while the bus’s route to school was delayed to ensure everyone’s safety. No other items were found anywhere on board and once proper safety procedures were carried out it was able to continue its route to school.

Other children who were aboard the vehicle when this occurred were offered counseling services at Centennial and Jefferson throughout the day. Unit 4’s director of communications Stephanie Stuart released the following press statement:

This morning, the Unit 4 Transportation Department discovered that a student aboard bus 157 serving Jefferson and Centennial students brought an unloaded BB gun onto the bus. Once this was discovered, police were immediately notified and the bus was delayed on its way to school to allow law enforcement to search the bus. No one was injured.

The student allegedly showed the butt end of the gun claiming that it was a hand grenade. This upset many students on the bus and lead to contacting the authorities.

Contributing authors:  Joseph Benton, Anna Flodstrom and Zack Miller