Sharpen Your Pencils: Practice ACT and ACT Aspire Testing on October 20th

On Tuesday, October 20th, 9th and 10th grade students will be taking the ACT Aspire Summative Test and 11th grade students will be taking a practice ACT Test.  12th grade students will not be in attendance.  9th and 10th graders will attend a full day and 11th graders will be dismissed after testing.  A lunch break is included as part of the testing schedule.  If you are testing, please bring a #2 pencil and a calculator for the math test if you wish to use one.

2016 Election: Know your candidates

Recently, the news has been filled with stories about presidential debates and all the possible candidates. The question is how informed are Centennial students about the upcoming presidential elections? When asking Centennial Seniors about the elections Mashal Eikram said “If you have questions about the elections you should ask someone else. I don’t know very much about the candidates.”

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