Interim Illini Coach Bill Cubit

After the controversy surrounding the Tim Beckman scandal, the Illini named the interim head coach and former offensive coordinator, Bill Cubit. Cubit spent a total of 40 years coaching 14 different teams, mostly as an offensive coordinator or a quarterback/runningback coach. He is known for his elaborate offensive schemes, showcasing plays that excite the crowd.

Coach Cubit was brought up to the interim head coaching position a week before the 2015 season began. Many fans liked the decision. Many didn’t care and were just thankful to have a coach leading the Illini heading into week one. But after the close and last second win against Nebraska to open the BigTen season 1-0, others are questioning if the Illini really even need another coach.

The Illini faced #22 Iowa in Iowa City on Saturday and kept the game respectable. Losing 20-29, the Illini didn’t get shut out, showing signs of fight until the last ticks of the clock. This is a promising sign for Illini fans, as its not the same roll over and play dead type of fight that we have seen in past years.  `