Charger of the Week: Ty’Kira Dubose

Ty’Kira Dubose, a senior,  is currently the captain of Centennial’s varsity cheer-leading team, co-president of African-American Club, student voice for Operation Hope, a member of National Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society, Spanish Club, Interact Service Club, and a Debutante for the 2016 Cotillion Ball. Ty’Kira is currently applying to several rather reputable institutions, including Howard University, Hampton University, Spelman College, and our very own Illinois State University.

What do you enjoy about CHS?

“I enjoy, the teachers, the atmosphere, and the amount of activities that you can do at CHS. Such as Key Club or Interact, stuff that really gets you involved in the community.”

What hobbies do you have?

“I enjoy expressive writing, being able to write down whatever comes to mind s something that helps clear my mind and get rid of any stress. I also enjoy spending time with my friends. Believe it or not, homework is rather fun to me.”

What’s your favorite food?

“Well.. I like steak, bacon cheese fries, cherry misty-misty, fried chicken, bacon cheese burgers. I like food, so it’s hard to choose a single favorite.”

Favorite clothing brand?

“I don’t have a favorite name brand, ranging from Forever 21 to American Eagle. But I shop at Forever 21 the most, has some great deals.”

If you could live anywhere where would it be?

“I would like to live in Atlanta, Georgia because I’ve always wanted to be a southern belle. But no, seriously, I’ve wanted to live there because I’m a big history freak. African-American history has always intrigued me, plus it’s a big prosperous city for young African-Americans trying to get ahead in  the world.”

What is something you want to do as a teacher?

“I want to become a teacher because I aspire to inspire others. I want to teach history because it’s fundamental to the mind. I don’t want to teach at a highly ranked high school, I feel like my work at a struggling high school will be better suited for my career. It will allow me to help students who think they don’t have a future find their future. My final goal would be becoming a principal.”

What would you do with a million dollars?

“I would pay for college, fly my mom to Los Angeles, California. Mainly save it up and shop for what I want. Oh, and a car. Range Rover preferably.”