ESL Students Enjoy Thanksgiving Feast

Throughout the past few months, Centennial’s English as a Second Language class has been learning about the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Thier teacher, Susan Feldman, wanted to teach about the holiday for some time before going to the Unit 4 school district’s director of English Second Language about a possible unit and meal for the class.“The director of ESL for our district. handed me one hundred dollars saying ‘go buy food for these kids.’ no questions asked.”, Feldman said. It was this act of generosity that made the purchasing of two turkeys, stuffing, corn, carrots, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce possible for both classes to enjoy.

Two Centennial students Isabell Kim and Rebekah Kim, began their first year at Centennial this past fall. When asked if they have ever experienced anything similar to Thanksgiving back in their home country, South Korea, they both responded rather quick. “They have something similar to Thanksgiving in South Korea, but it’s in September.” said Isabell “There are many similarities and many differences between the two.” said Rebekah.

Centennial principal Greg Johnson even stopped by to try some of the savory turkey. Johnson enjoyed the meal and thought “it was great to have something like this going on here at Centennial.”.

The students enjoyed the meal as well, especially the turkey and stuffing.

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