An Evening With Justin Bieber: Allstate Arena 11/18

Wednesday, November 18th Justin Bieber came to Rosemont, Illinois to perform and celebrate his new album, Purpose. Centinal reporters attended the concert and waited before the show starting at 4:30 pm to see him perform at 6:00 pm. He came out answering questions from his twitter and fans first.

Some of the questions that were asked were,

“What is your favorite song on your track?”

Bieber: “It changes all the time, but right now it is Mark My Words.”

“What’s the hardest and best part about being famous?”

Bieber: “The hardest part is not having any privacy and the best part is having the world hear the music I produce.”

“Where is the best place you have traveled to?”

Bieber: “Chi-town baby!”

“What is the best song you have ever written?”

Bieber:“Be Alright”

Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, was discussing earlier on stage with Justin Bieber the process of creating his album. He said it took around 3 years to make, and the album had 30 songs originally but Justin had to narrow it down to 18. He then finally started the show off with an old song from his Journals album, Hold Tight. He sang a few of his new songs like the iconic Sorry, and What Do You Mean, along with Love Yourself, One Less Lonely Girl, As Long As You Love Me, and ended his performance with Purpose.

Written by:  Farrah Sharif and Sarah Beth Campos