What To Know Before Filling Out a College Application: Mr. Chun

The Centinal sat down with Mr. Chun, the college and career advisor here at Centennial, in order to find out what is most important to consider when filling out a college application.Many Centennial students will be looking to fill out college applications soon, and it’s great to plunge into the application process with some knowledge beforehand! Here are some tips to consider when filling out a college application, courtesy of Mr. Chun.

The Centinal: What would you deem to be the most important part of filling out an application?

Mr. Chun: “I believe the most important part when filling out an application, is the essay. You get to explain yourself and why you’d be a good fit for that school.”

The Centinal: Do you have any tips for students filling out an application?

Mr. Chun: “If you’re not a senior, extra curricular activities are great. It helps that school get a feel for what you’ve done to show your leadership skills outside the classroom. Those are things you can determine and change before Senior year. If you’re a senior, and you haven’t really done anything outside of the classroom, at that point it kinda is what it is.”

The Centinal: On the essay portion of a college application, what would you consider to be the key in order to impress the school?

Mr. Chun: “Look at the question asked. That will be the type of essay they want. If it’s very prompt, then try to answer it in a prompt way. However, if it’s very abstract, then come up with a very abstract response.

The Centinal: What can a student do if he or she needs help?

Mr. Chun: Contact myself of Ms. Lee, because no matter how small your problem may seem, we can point you in the right direction.

The Centinal: Any last tips for students when filling out their college applications?

Mr. Chun: Tell your teachers in advance if you want a letter of recommendation or a transcript. This gives them time to consider what they’re going to write in the letter. Two weeks in advance is usually ideal.

If a student is in a unique situation, for example you have a bad grade in a class due to a prolonged illness, they should let Mr. Chun know why so that he can let the administration know why this grade is the way it is. For more information, go to http://centennialccc.snappages.com/