Charger Spotlight: Art and Mural Club

Art and Mural club is a continuation of the fine arts department’s curriculum. It’s also an opprotunity for students to explore different types of art.

Centennial art teacher Austin Wells says “Art and Mural club is one of the most laid back and safe environments to pursue art for students who can’t fit art into their schedules.”.┬áThe meetings and requirements are more laid back as well. This makes it easy for prospective members to join Art and Mural club with little hassle.

Art and Mural club is for students who want to specifically explore techniques and the skills necessary to complete murals and paintings. However any student interested in art is encouraged to join and can speak to Mr. Austin Wells for details.

The Art and Mural club also collaborate with many other Centennial clubs such as GSA and the book club. Examples of the work that the Art and Mural club have completed can be found all around Centennial. The concession stand between the football field and the gym, or the mural in the student entrance , these are all examples of murals that the Art and Mural club have painted. There is also a mural in the library. Mr. Wells would like to thank the Centennial administration for the opportunity to paint these murals in the school.