Netflix Recommendations- The Originals and Hemlock Grove

If you’re looking for a show that you could sit down on a Friday night and watch till the waking hours of Monday. Then you should check out these addictive shows revolving around the supernatural and the seemingly impossible.

The Originals – This rather humorous and gory tv-series revolves around five vampiric siblings known as The Originals, the oldest and most powerful vampires who sired all of the vampires in the world. Sounds rather unoriginal right? Wrong. The powers and weaknesses of vampires are redefined in a way like never before, with various ways to kill them. Not to mention the abundance of witches and werewolves who pose as an ever growing threat towards the siblings. You’ll fall in love with the pro/antagonists despite their seemingly nonredeemable actions. The series continues with season three on TV, tune in on The Cw Friday night at 9 P.m.

Hemlock Grove – This is one not for the faint of heart, with it’s gory deaths, transformations, and morbid content. This show holds nothing back and delves into the grittier world of fantasy and legend. Based of the book of the same name, this is definitely not a show you would watch with your parents or grandparents, trust me. Aside from all the rather grotesque scenes and adult content, the show delivers a story that entirely envelops you and maintains your interest throughout it’s three season run. From shocking deaths to heartbreaking loss, this show delivers in ways that only a Netflix Original can deliver.